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CodeProduct NamedownAlternate NameSizeCreate Custom FormulaCompare
C2 Chaga
Poria Obliqua2 oz.Create
C1 Chaga
Poria Obliqua1 oz.Create
C8 Chaga
Poria Obliqua8 oz.Create
COR100 Cordyceps
 100 capsCreate
COR200 Cordyceps
 200 capCreate
COR1 Cordyceps (Cordy Gen)
Cordyceps1 oz.Create
COR8 Cordyceps (Cordy Gen)
Cordyceps8 oz.Create
COR2 Cordyceps (Cordy Gen)
Cordyceps2 oz.Create
CO200 Coriolus
Yun Zhi200 capCreate
CO2 Coriolus
Yun Zhi2 oz.Create
CO1 Coriolus
Yun Zhi1 oz.Create
CO100 Coriolus
Yun Zhi100 capsCreate
CO8 Coriolus
Yun Zhi8 oz.Create
FZ1 Fu Zheng Support Formula
 1 oz.Create
FZ8 Fu Zheng Support Formula
 8 oz.Create
FZ2 Fu Zheng Support Formula
 2 oz.Create
HIM8 Himematsutake
Agaricus blazei (murill)8 oz.Create
HIM2 Himematsutake
Agaricus blazei (murill)2 oz.Create
HIM1 Himematsutake
Agaricus blazei (murill)1 oz.Create
MA200 Maitake
Maitake200 capCreate
MA8 Maitake (Grifo Gen)
Maitake8 oz.Create
MA100 Maitake (Grifo Gen)
Maitake100 capsCreate
MA1 Maitake (Grifo Gen)
Maitake1 oz.Create
MA2 Maitake (Grifo Gen)
Maitake2 oz.Create
MF200 Myco Forte
Cordyceps,Tremella,Grifola,Ganoderma,Lentinula200 capCreate
MF8 Myco Forte
Cordyceps,Tremella,Grifola,Ganoderma,Lentinula8 oz.Create
MF100 Myco Forte
Cordyceps,Tremella,Grifola,Ganoderma,Lentinula100 capsCreate
MF1 Myco Forte
Cordyceps,Tremella,Grifola,Ganoderma,Lentinula1 oz.Create
MF2 Myco Forte
Cordyceps,Tremella,Grifola,Ganoderma,Lentinula2 oz.Create
MHL Myco Herb Literature
 5 pgs.Create
MYP1 Myco Protect
Grifola and Lentinula1 oz.Create
MYP8 Myco Protect
Grifola and Lentinula8 oz.Create
MYP2 Myco Protect
Grifola and Lentinula2 oz.Create
PERF2 Performa-Forte
 2 oz.Create
PERF1 Performa-Forte
 1 oz.Create
PERF8 Performa-Forte
 8 oz.Create
POR2 Poria**
Poria2 oz.Create
POR1 Poria**
Poria1 oz.Create
RS8 Reishi
Ganoderma8 oz.Create
RS1 Reishi
Ganoderma1 oz.Create
RS200 Reishi
Ganoderma200 capCreate
RS2 Reishi
Ganoderma2 oz.Create
RS100 Reishi
Ganoderma100 capsCreate
RSF200 Reishi-Forte
Ganoderma, Lentinula200 capsCreate
RSF1 Reishi-Forte
Ganoderma,Lentinula1 oz.Create
RSF8 Reishi-Forte
Ganoderma,Lentinula8 oz.Create
RSF100 Reishi-Forte
Ganoderma,Lentinula100 capsCreate
RSF2 Reishi-Forte
Ganoderma,Lentinula2 oz.Create
SHT2 Shiitake (Shi Gen)
Lentinula elodes (xiang gu)2 oz.Create
SHT8 Shiitake (Shi Gen)
Lentinula elodes (xiang gu)8 oz.Create
SHT1 Shiitake (Shi Gen)
Lentinula elodes (xiang gu)1 oz.Create
TR1 Tremella (Baimu Gen)
Tremella1 oz.Create
TR8 Tremella (Baimu Gen)
Tremella8 oz.Create
TR2 Tremella (Baimu Gen)
Tremella2 oz.Create
TRF100 Tri-Forte
Cordyceps,Ganoderma,Lentinula100 capsCreate
TRF200 Tri-Forte
Cordyceps,Ganoderma,Lentinula200 capCreate
TRF2 Tri-Forte
Cordyceps,Ganoderma,Lentinula2 oz.Create
TRF1 Tri-Forte
Cordyceps,Ganoderma,Lentinula1 oz.Create
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