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Products and Services

What You Need to Best Serve Your Patients

To provide you with a wide range of complements to your practice, Crane has assembled an unparalleled combination of products and services.

Largest Product Selection Available

  1. Thousands of herbal products
  2. Patent and custom prescriptions manufactured to the highest professional standards of quality anywhere in the world.
  3. Herbs, needles, books, medical supplies, and more

Services That Help You Provide Optimal Patient Care

  1. Automatic inventory for practitioners who do not own pharmacies
  2. Compounding of custom prescriptions in our leading-edge labs
  3. Speedy delivery to patients
  4. Easy management of administrative paperwork and reporting
  5. Automatically issued checks for the product profit mark-up you set yourself
  6. Symptom search within our huge database of western signs, symptoms, and disease categories
  7. Side-by-side product comparisons
  8. Formula library
  9. Find-a-Practitioner search engine for patients
  10. Resources and forums that help keep you up to date and connected with your professional community

Also very important to our products and service offering is our manufacturing approach: Crane's labs operate in full compliance with all FDA, HIPAA, and National Security Agency regulations. We manufacture according to a comprehensive set of safety precautions and accuracy measures.


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