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Kan Herbals - Singles

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There are 24 products in this product line.
CodeProduct NamedownAlternate NameSizeCreate Custom FormulaCompare
AMGI1 American Ginseng Root
Xi Yang Shen1 oz.Create
ATRG8 Astragalus Root
Huang Qi8 oz.Create
AST1 Astragalus Root
Huang Qi1 oz.Create
BPLM8 Bupleurum Root
Chai Hu8 oz.Create
BPLM1 Bupleurum Root
Chai Hu1 oz.Create
BPLM8G Bupleurum Root-Glass
Chai Hu8 oz.-GlassCreate
CHWF1 Chinese Hawthorn Fruit
Shan Zha1 oz.Create
CRGR1 Chinese Red Ginseng Root
Shi Zhu Hong Ren Shen1 oz.Create
CWGR1 Chinese White Ginseng Root
Ji Lin Bai Ren Shen1 oz.Create
CRYM1 Chrysanthemum Flower
Huang Ju Hua1 oz.Create
CDIS8 Corydalis Rhizome
Yan Hu Suo8 oz.Create
CDIS1 Corydalis Rhizome
Yan Hu Suo1 oz.Create
EUB1 Eucommia Bark
Du Zhong1 oz.Create
ISR2 Isatis Root
Ban Lan Gen2 oz.Create
ISR1 Isatis Root
Ban Lan Gen1 oz.Create
JUBE1 Jujube Seed***
Suan Zao Ren (Chao)1 oz.Create
KHSK1 Kan Herbals Singles Intro. Kit - 1 oz.
1 each of 20 formulas43 x 1 oz.Create
LYCI1 Lycii Fruit
Gou Qi Zi1 oz.Create
MITH8 Milk Thistle Seed
 8 oz.Create
MITH1 Milk Thistle Seed
 1 oz.Create
MITH2 Milk Thistle Seed
 2 oz.Create
PGNM1 Polygonum Multiflorum Root
He Shou Wu1 oz.Create
SCHS1 Schisandra Fruit
Wu Wei Zi1 oz.Create
SCHS8 Schisandra Fruit **
Wu Wei Zi8 oz.Create
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