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Medical Supplies

There are 142 products in this product line.
CodeProduct NamedownAlternate NameSizeCreate Custom FormulaCompare
apsst300 pelletsCreate
701C 701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Medical Plaster
Medical Plaster1 can (3.9"x157")Create
GS-603A Alcohol Dispenser (Alcohol Imprinted)
Brown (Alcohol Imprint) Plastic Bottle8 oz.Create
GS-603 Alcohol Dispenser (Brown)
No Imprint Brown Plastic Bottle8 oz.Create
AS-02 Alcohol Prep Pads - Large
100/box 1.75"x3.5"100/boxCreate
AS-01 Alcohol Prep Pads - MED 1.1"x2.6"
Isopropyl Alcohol200/boxCreate
BFS Bio Freeze Pain Reliever (Spray)
 4 ozCreate
BPSET Blood Pressure Cuff
Sphygmoomanometer Omron Create
CB2000 Cotton Balls (2000)
 2000 cotton ballsCreate
CB4000 Cotton Balls (4000)
 4000 ballsCreate
GS-607 Cotton Swab (10/pk 100 box)
GS-607A Cotton Swab (100 per bag)
CUPS Cupping Jar : 1.5" glass
Fire Cupping Jar1.5" diameterCreate
CUPM Cupping Jar : 1.9" glass
Fire Cupping Jar1.9" diameterCreate
CUPL Cupping Jar : 2.2" glass
Fire Cupping Jar2.2" diameterCreate
CUPXL Cupping Jar : 2.5" glass
Fire Cupping Jar2.5" diameterCreate
CP-05 Cupping Set : Glass w/Pump
 14 cupsCreate
CP-03 Cupping Set : Pistol Hand Pump
Dong Bang, Non-Magnetic17 cups w/caseCreate
CUP17MG Cupping Set : plastic with magnets
Acu-Mag Cupping Set17 cupsCreate
CUPTOR Cupping Torch Tool
 1" Dia x 9" longCreate
ACULIFT Derma Roller Aculift
Aculift Derma Roller5.25' x 1.5Create
DP-02 Ear Probe (stainless steel) angled tip
Angle Tip6" long Create
ES600 Ear Seeds Vaccaria
Vaccaria Press Seeds600 Press SeedsCreate
ES50 Ear Seeds Vaccaria
Vaccaria Press Seeds50 Press SeedsCreate
EXAM Examination Table Paper - Smooth-White
 12 rolls (21"X225')Create
FROLL Finger Roller (2 Chrome & 2 Gold)
 4 per bagCreate
TWEEZA Forceps (Angle Tipped)
GS-403 Forceps : Angle Tipped (4.5")
Tweezers Create
GS-401 Forceps : Splinter (4.5")
GP200 Gauze Pads (Cotton)
GLVM Gloves (Vinyl, Powder Free) Medium
 100 per boxCreate
GLNITL Gloves (Large)(Non Latex, Powder Free)
Nitrile Purple (Large)100 per boxCreate
GLNITM Gloves (Medium)(Non Latex, Powder Free)
Nitrile Blue (Medium)100 per boxCreate
GLNITXL Gloves (Powder Free) (Non Latex) Extra Large
Powder Free Non Latex100 glovesCreate
GLNITS Gloves (Small) (Non Latex, Powder Free)
Nitrile Blue (Small)100 per boxCreate
GLVS Gloves (Vinyl,Powder Free) Small
Vinyl, Powder Free100 GlovesCreate
GLVL Gloves Examination: (Vinyl, powder free) Large
Vinyl Powder Free100 per boxCreate
GSARL Gua Sha (Angled Rod Large)
Angled Rod Large4.75"Create
GSFA Gua Sha (Finger Arch)
Finger Arch2.2"x3.8"Create
GSFR Gua Sha (Flat Rod)
Flat Rod3.5"Create
GSRL Gua Sha (Rectangle Large)
Rectangle Large2.2"x3.8"Create
GSS Gua Sha (Shark)
GSSR Gua Sha (Straight Rod)
Rod Black4.2"Create
GSARS Gua Sha Angled Rod Small
GSPOON Gua Sha Porcelain Spoon
 5.25"long & 1.5"wideCreate
GSRM Gua Sha Rectangle Medium
GSHJ Gua Sha: Heart Shaped (Jade)
Heart Shaped Jade1.5" x 3"Create
GSRMJ Gua Sha: Rectangle Medium (Jade)
Rectangle Jade Medium2" x 3"Create
CHOKI Guasha: Shoni-Shin Choki
Stainless Steel1Create
HAND Hand Needles (Sooji Chim)
.18mm (#2) x 8 mmbox of 100Create
HS Hand Sanitizer Spray
 1.75 fl.oz.Create
HEMO5 Hemostat Clamp 5" (Halstead)
HEMO5.5 Hemostat Clamp 5.5"(Kelly)
HTMP Hua Tuo Medicated Plaster
 5 plastersCreate
MX-01 Huasun (Hoist) - Smokeless Roll
Huasun Moxa5 rollsCreate
INCROY Incense - Royal (6") No Smoke or Odor
 100 per boxCreate
INCSAND Incense - Sandalwood (5")
Incense & Porcelain Holder200 per boxCreate
INCSS Incense - Seiun Smokeless (5.5")
Mild Chrysanthemum Fragrance180 per boxCreate
INTT Infrared Non-Touch Thermometer
 24" ShortCreate
IONBPL Ion By-Pass Cords
 78" LongCreate
JFR Jade Facial Roller (Dual Head)
2"(5cm) x 5" (12cm) Jade roller for facial rejuvenation14.5 cmCreate
MAG.50 Magnet - Hand/Ear 700 - 800 gauss
 50 per packCreate
MAG.EZ Magnetic Pellets (800 gauss) - Ear, Hand, & Body
Magnetic Round Pellets on tan tape100 per packCreate
MPT Magnetic Pickup Tool
MPTD Magnetic Pickup Tool Deluxe
 7.5"- 32".Create
MAGABNP Magnets - Accu-Band 12000 gauss Non Plated
Bulk Magnegt with Plasters12 per packCreate
MAG.ABGP Magnets Accu-Band 6000 Gold Plated
6,000 gauss (Br) high strength rare earth mag.12 per packCreate
KN952 Mask KN95 Face Mask
Face Mask2 per packCreate
KN9510 Mask KN95 Face Mask
 10 masksCreate
MGFM Mask, Medical Grade Face MaskSurgical
Face Mask50 masksCreate
MINI200 Mini - 200 Needle Moxa
.6 "x .45" dia cylinders200 pcs.Create
MINI500 Mini-500 Needle Moxa
.6" x .45 Diamiter500 pcs.Create
HEAD Model : Human Head
 8.5" highCreate
HM-01 Model : Male 18"
 18" modelCreate
SBANDB Motion Aid Band with Magnets (Blue)
 10"long x .8" wideCreate
SBANDT Motion Aid Band with Magnets (Tan)
 10"long x .8" wideCreate
OSMOXAB Moxa - Balm - Osmoxa
No odor or smoke - petroleum jelly20 gm.Create
MXBURN Moxa - Burner
Bakelite moxa burner3.75x"1"Create
CHOSIE Moxa - Chosei-Kyu (stick-on)
Stick-on moxa .4"x.2"100 cylindersCreate
MX-62 Moxa - Essence-Plus Droplets
 30 ml.Create
MX-60 Moxa - Essence-Plus Spray
 100 ml.Create
EXTB Moxa - Extinguisher (Basic)
Chrome plated solid brass 1.5"1.5"Create
MOXA-EXW Moxa - Extinguisher (Wide)
Wide model for more stability1.5 diaCreate
MX-33 Moxa - Extinguisher Dish
1.2' diameter on 4" base1Create
MX-80OMS Moxa - Gold Mountain Ultra Pure with Incense
10 gms. loose Moxa & 5 Incense Sticks10 gm.Create
DONG Moxa - Gold Pure Dong Bang(DBC)
direct moxa, pure gold color10 gm.Create
HANDP7 Moxa - Hand Power 7 (Hollow Center)
Tiger/Lion Warmer Large30 per boxCreate
HANDP8 Moxa - Hand Power 8 (6 mm Smokeless)
Tiger/Lion Warmer Large Moxa Stick30 per boxCreate
HANDP1 Moxa - Hand Power-1
Tiger/Lion warmer moxa sticks30 per boxCreate
HANDP3 Moxa - Hand Power-3
Tiger warmer moxa sticks50 per boxCreate
HANDP4 Moxa - Hand Power-4 (Smokeless)
Tiger Warmer Smokeless Moxa50 per boxCreate
HUAI Moxa - Huaian Moxa Rolls
Huaian Moxa Rolls20 rollsCreate
DBCMM Moxa - Mini Smokeless (Stick On)(DBC)
Stick on Dong Bang180 piecesCreate
MX-YAO Moxa - Patch - Elite (Lumbago) (Yao)
No odor or smoke or ash2/packCreate
MX-FENG Moxa - Patch - Elite (Rheumatism) (Feng)
No odor or smoke or ash2/packCreate
MX-NIU Moxa - Patch - Elite (Sprain & Injury) (Niu)
No odor or smoke or ash2/packCreate
PURE Moxa - Pure Roll
 10 rollsCreate
MX-44 Moxa - Skin Shields (Kyu-Ten-Shi)
 200 piecesCreate
MOXA-B Moxa - Super Pure
 100 gm.Create
MOXA-A Moxa - Super Pure (whiter/cleaner than Moxa-B)
 100 gm.Create
WAKA Moxa - Wakakusa
Semi-pure from Japan100 gmsCreate
MOXA-Y Moxa - Yomei (Semi-Direct)
 100 gm.Create
2" x 3.7dia (6 oz.) Create
CHOSIEILT Moxa: Chosei-Kyu Light IBuki
Choseikyu® Light Ibuki Moxa50 rolled cylindersCreate
CHOSIEIFF Moxa: Chosei-Kyu Stick On Fruit Fragrance
Choseikyu Smokeless, Fruit Fragrance Ibuki Moxa50 rolled cylindersCreate
KMC Moxa: Cones (Kihoang)
Kihoang Moxa Cones56 conesCreate
STOPSS Moxa: Skin Shield for Stop
Replacement ShieldBox of 132Create
MOXALONG Moxa:Smokeless With Hole (Longevity)
Smokeless with hole5 RollsCreate
SAFE Moxasafe
Smokless Needle Moxa from Seirin6 holders/100 pcs mxCreate
LANCET Needel Bleeding-Medi-Point Lancets
Medi-Point Lancets200 per boxCreate
NSS Needle Saucer-S
OTO1205 Otoscope Set NOTOCO 1205
APGC Pellets: Accu-patch Gold (Clear Tape)
1.2mm on Clear tape (non latex)300 pelletsCreate
APGT Pellets: Accu-patch Gold (Tan Tape)
1.2mm on Tan Tape (contains Latex)300 pelletsCreate
APSSC Pellets: Accu-patch Stainless Steel(Clear Tape)
1.2mm on Clear tape (non latex)300Create
APTC Pellets: Accu-patch Titanium (Clear Tape)
1.2mm on Clear tape (non latex)200 pelletsCreate
MPGC Pellets: Magrain Ion 24K Gold Plated (Clear Tape)
1.2 mm ion pellet on clear non latex .3" tape300 pelletsCreate
MPGT Pellets: Magrain Ion 24K Gold Plated (Tan Tape)
1.2 mm ion pellet on Tan Tape (Contains Latex)300 pelletsCreate
MPSC Pellets: Magrain Ion Silver (Clear Tape)
1.2 mm ion pellet on clear non latex .3" tape300 pelletsCreate
MPST Pellets: Magrain Ion Silver (Tan Tape)
1.2 mm ion pellet on Tan Tape (Contains Latex)300 pelletsCreate
PTDBCM Press Tack DBC Med. (1.5mmx.20mm)
1.5mmx.20mm100 per boxCreate
PTDBCS Press Tack DBC Small (1mm x .20mm)
1mm x .20mm100 per boxCreate
PULSE2 Pulse Pillow Large (11"x7"x4")
 1 pillowCreate
PULSE1 Pulse Pillow Small (9"x5.5"x2.5")
 1 pillowCreate
SS-02 Seven Star Double-Sided - Needle
 7.5" Double sidedCreate
SS-01 Seven Star White Small Sterile Disposable - Needle
 1 eachCreate
GS-805 Space Blanket
SPRAGBLACK Stethoscope : Sprague Style (Black)
TDPCQ-27 TDP CQ-27 Heat Lamp
TDPCQ-36 TDP CQ-36 Deluxe Digital Heat Lamp
THERM Thermometer - Digital
THERMNC Thermometer - No Contact Forehead
TIGERL Tiger Warmer Large
TIGERS Tiger Warmer Small
MOXA12 cm X 1 cmCreate
GS-308C Tray : Open Stainless (13.5"x9.5"x.07)
GS-308A Tray : Open Stainless (8.5"x4."x 1")
8.5"x4."x 1"8.5"x4.1"x .8"Create
TDC Tray Dome Coverd (8.7"x 3.2"x 1.5")
Dome Covered Tray Made in USA, 8.7"x 3.2"x 1.5"1Create
TRF Tray Flat Covered 8.7"x 5"x 2"
VITALMOXA Vitality Smokeless Moxa
 5 rollsCreate
WYPR10 Wu Yang Plaster (10 pack)
Plaster10 per boxCreate
WYPC Wu Yang Plasters Can
 1 rollCreate
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