There are 52 products in this product line.
CodeProduct LineProduct NamedownAlternate NameSizeCreate Custom FormulaCompare
MX-01Medical Supplies Huasun (Hoist) - Smokeless Roll
Huasun Moxa5 rollsCreate
MINI200Medical Supplies Mini - 200 Needle Moxa
.6 "x .45" dia cylinders200 pcs.Create
OSMOXABMedical Supplies Moxa - Balm - Osmoxa
No odor or smoke - petroleum jelly20 gm.Create
CHOSIEMedical Supplies Moxa - Chosei-Kyu (stick-on)
Stick-on moxa .4"x.2"100 cylindersCreate
MX-62Medical Supplies Moxa - Essence-Plus Droplets
 30 ml.Create
MX-60Medical Supplies Moxa - Essence-Plus Spray
 100 ml.Create
EXTBMedical Supplies Moxa - Extinguisher (Basic)
Chrome plated solid brass 1.5"1.5"Create
MOXA-EXWMedical Supplies Moxa - Extinguisher (Wide)
Wide model for more stability1.5 diaCreate
MX-30Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - Extinguisher / Holder
MX-33Medical Supplies Moxa - Extinguisher Dish
1.2' diameter on 4" base1Create
MX-80OMSMedical Supplies Moxa - Gold Mountain Ultra Pure with Incense
10 gms. loose Moxa & 5 Incense Sticks10 gm.Create
DONGMedical Supplies Moxa - Gold Pure Dong Bang(DBC)
direct moxa, pure gold color10 gm.Create
HANDP7Medical Supplies Moxa - Hand Power 7 (Hollow Center)
Tiger/Lion Warmer Large30 per boxCreate
HANDP8Medical Supplies Moxa - Hand Power 8 (6 mm Smokeless)
Tiger/Lion Warmer Large Moxa Stick30 per boxCreate
HANDP1Medical Supplies Moxa - Hand Power-1
Tiger/Lion warmer moxa sticks30 per boxCreate
HANDP3Medical Supplies Moxa - Hand Power-3
Tiger warmer moxa sticks50 per boxCreate
HANDP4Medical Supplies Moxa - Hand Power-4 (Smokeless)
Tiger Warmer Smokeless Moxa50 per boxCreate
HUAIMedical Supplies Moxa - Huaian Moxa Rolls
Huaian Moxa Rolls20 rollsCreate
BPLMBlue Poppy Topicals Moxa - Liquid (Blue Poppy)
Liquid Moxa4 oz.Create
MX-08Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - MAXIM EZY-Lit Smokeless
Hollow Center5Create
MX-12Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - MAXIM Mini-Smokeless
Smokeless10 SticksCreate
MX-11Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - MAXIM Smokeless Rolls
 5 sticksCreate
MX-05Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - MAXIM Smokeless Sticks**
Smokeless20 piecesCreate
MX-07Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - MAXIM Ultra Pure Jr. Rolls
 20 sticksCreate
MX-06Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - Mini Roll (needle warming)
 200 pcs./boxCreate
DBCMMMedical Supplies Moxa - Mini Smokeless (Stick On)(DBC)
Stick on Dong Bang180 piecesCreate
MX-42Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - Needle Caps
 10 eachCreate
MX-YAOMedical Supplies Moxa - Patch - Elite (Lumbago) (Yao)
No odor or smoke or ash2/packCreate
MX-FENGMedical Supplies Moxa - Patch - Elite (Rheumatism) (Feng)
No odor or smoke or ash2/packCreate
MX-NIUMedical Supplies Moxa - Patch - Elite (Sprain & Injury) (Niu)
No odor or smoke or ash2/packCreate
MX-20bHelio Medical Supplies Moxa - Punks/Extra Pure Grade
Extra Pure Grade50 gm. bagCreate
MX-20cHelio Medical Supplies Moxa - Punks/Super Pure Grade
Light yellow for direct use8 gm. bagCreate
PUREMedical Supplies Moxa - Pure Roll
 10 rollsCreate
MX-49SHelio Medical Supplies Moxa - Rolling Lion Large Sticks(Smokeless)
Rigid and solid moxa sticks30 sticksCreate
MX-44Medical Supplies Moxa - Skin Shields (Kyu-Ten-Shi)
 200 piecesCreate
MX-39RHelio Medical Supplies Moxa - Small Sticks (regular)
 48 sticksCreate
MX-39SHelio Medical Supplies Moxa - Small Sticks (Smokeless)
 48 sticksCreate
MX-32Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - Spoon (Metal Half-Split)
15 cm w/2 mm wide slot2 mm slotCreate
MOXA-BMedical Supplies Moxa - Super Pure
 100 gm.Create
MOXA-AMedical Supplies Moxa - Super Pure (whiter/cleaner than Moxa-B)
 100 gm.Create
MX-04Helio Medical Supplies Moxa - Tai Yi Medicated
 10 rollsCreate
WAKAMedical Supplies Moxa - Wakakusa
Semi-pure from Japan100 gmsCreate
MOXA-YMedical Supplies Moxa - Yomei (Semi-Direct)
 100 gm.Create
MOXACUPMedical Supplies Moxa Cup
2" x 3.7dia (6 oz.) Create
CHOSIEILTMedical Supplies Moxa: Chosei-Kyu Light IBuki
Choseikyu® Light Ibuki Moxa50 rolled cylindersCreate
MOXALONGMedical Supplies Moxa:Smokeless With Hole (Longevity)
Smokeless with hole5 RollsCreate
SAFEMedical Supplies Moxasafe
Smokless Needle Moxa from Seirin6 holders/100 pcs mxCreate
MX-48Helio Medical Supplies Rolling Lyon Warmer Device (Large)
Spring-loaded warming device with rolling head. Create
MX-38Helio Medical Supplies Rolling Lyon Warmer Device (Small)
Spring-loaded warming device with rolling head.42" x 6." handleCreate
TIGERLMedical Supplies Tiger Warmer Large
TIGERSMedical Supplies Tiger Warmer Small
MOXA12 cm X 1 cmCreate
VITALMOXAMedical Supplies Vitality Smokeless Moxa
 5 rollsCreate
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