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Blue Poppy Books

There are 42 products in this product line.
CodeProduct NamedownAlternate NameSizeCreate Custom FormulaCompare
BP160 160 Essential Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines
Bob Flaws225 pagesCreate
BP1 260 Essential Chinese Medicinals
Bob Flaws271 pagesCreate
BP53 70 Essential TCM Formulas
Bob Flaws265 pagesCreate
BP86 A Guide to Gynecology
Ye Heng-yin160 pagesCreate
BP79 Acupuncture & Moxibustion Formulas & Treatments
Cheng Dan-An (trans. by Wu Ming)225 pagesCreate
BP105 Acupuncture Physical Medicine
Mark Seem141 pagesCreate
BIOMED Biomedicine:A Textbook for Practitioners
Dr. Bruce Robinson748 pagesCreate
BP101 Chinese Medical Psychiatry
Bob Flaws & James Lake, M.D.484 pagesCreate
WEIGHT Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Management
Juliette Aiyana L. Ac.163 pagesCreate
CSMT Chinese Self-Massage Therapy: The Easy Way to Hlth
Fan Ya-Li155 pagesCreate
BP17 Curing Hay Fever Naturally w/ Chinese Medicine
Bob Flaws146 pagesCreate
BP18 Curing Headaches Naturally w/ Chinese Medicine
Bob Flaws180 pagesCreate
BP20 Curing PMS Naturally w/ Chinese Medicine
Bob Flaws176 pagesCreate
DCMED Diabetes & Chinese Medicine
Patient Brochure50/packCreate
BP73 Diseases of Chest & Abdomen - Vol 5
Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang388 pagesCreate
BP69 Diseases of Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat - Vol 2
Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang290 pagesCreate
BP70 Diseases of Mouth, Lips, Tongue,Teeth,Gums - Vol 3
Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang242 pagesCreate
BP74 Diseases of Urogenital System & Proctology - Vol 6
Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang339 pagesCreate
BP24 Extra Treatises Based Upon Investigation & Inquiry
Yang Shou-Zhong & Duan Wu-Jin135 pagesCreate
BP25 Fire in The Valley: The TCM Diagnosis & Treatment
Bob Flaws171 pagesCreate
BP28 Golden Needle Wang Le-ting: A 20th Century Master
Yu Hui-Chan & Han Fu-Ru240 pagesCreate
BP48 Handbook of Chinese Hematology
Becker260 pp.Create
BP29 Handbook of Menstrual Diseases in Chinese Medicine
Bob Flaws612 pagesCreate
BP44 Master Hua's Classic of the Central Viscera
Hua Tuo (trans. by Yang Shou-Zhong)250 pagesCreate
NIF New Patient Intake Forms
Patient Forms50/packCreate
QAA Questions & Answers About Acupuncture
Patient Brochure50/packCreate
QACHM Questions & Answers About Chinese Herbal Medicine
Patient Brochure50/packCreate
BP54 Secret Shaolin Formulas for Treatment of External
De Qian (trans. by Zhang Ting-Liang & Bob Flaws)185 pagesCreate
BP56 Sticking to the Point : Vol.2
Bob Flaws276 pagesCreate
BP61 The Divinely Responding Classic
Yang Shou-Zhong165 pagesCreate
BP62 The Heart & Essence of Dan-xi's Methods of Treatme
Zhu Dan-Xi (trans. by Yang Shou-Zhong)450 pagesCreate
BP63 The Heart Transmission of Medicine
Liu Yi-ren216 pagesCreate
BP64 The Pulse Classic : Mai Jing
Wang Shu-He & Yang Shou-Zhong400 pagesCreate
BP65 The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
Bob Flaws170 pagesCreate
CARDIO Treating Cardiovascular Diseases with Chinese Med.
Simon Becker, Bob Flaws, & Robert Casanas Create
BPPB3 Treating TMJ w/Chinese Medicine**
Patient Brochure50/packageCreate
BP106 Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Med.
B. Flaws,L. Kuchinski & R. Casanas, M.D.4 pagesCreate
BP100 Treatment of Diseases : General Symptoms - Vol 7
Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang273 pagesCreate
BP75 Treatment of External Diseases with Acupunctur
Yan Cui-Lan & Zhu Yun-Long253 pagesCreate
DIFFPA Understanding the Difficult Patient
Nancy Bilello191 pagesCreate
WARP We Appreciate Referrals Pamphlet
Patient Brochure25/packCreate
YLGC Yi Lin Gai Cuo
Wang Qing-ren512 pagesCreate
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